Safe and robust handling of industrial weights

The Spartex brand has all your manual lifting needs covered including our best-selling 2500kg pallet truck, sack trucks, platform trucks and cranes. All have been designed to be both hard wearing and safe, with many built in ergonomic and safety features and puncture proof wheels.

The Spartex brand includes a range of chain and lever hoists with capacity up to 1500kg. In addition, there are nearly 50 different types of chain and cable slings in multiple specifications up to an 11-tonne load capacity. 100% of or lifting chains are made in France.

Spartex is a market leading supplier of flat strap and round webbing slings with nearly 100 in the range with multiple lengths and up to 8 tonne capacity. Spartex webbing straps are designed with the added safety of wear indicators, reinforced eyes and dense weaving which gives them maximum resistance to rupture and piercing. 100% traceable with individual identity cards.

Folding steel trolley

5m Lashing Strap

Folding workshop crane

Round Sling

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