The essentials of industrial maintenance

The Spartex brand provides all the essentials required for your general maintenance needs, all in one place from one trusted brand. The Spartex lines include a range of best-selling quality padlocks in all shapes and sizes; permanent colour markers, tube markers and marking sprays.

Spartex adhesives tapes are made here in Europe for a wide range of uses such as packaging, electrical insulation, mounting and masking.

Spartex metal paints are available in six colours and are anti-corrosion, impact and scratch resistant. Spartex acrylic paint aerosols are suitable for multiple substrates and available in 24 colours. These paints are complimented by a range of quality accessories including brushes and rollers.

The Spartex range also includes products for industrial spill control including absorbent sheets, rolls and socks.

U Shaped Magnet

Horizontal Base Clamp

50mm Packaging Tape

Cod tail flat paint bush

Short fibre polyamide 100mm roller

Professional acrylic paint aerosol

All Liquid Absorbent Sheets

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